One of the most renowned techno festivals is coming to Budapest

For the first time, Verknipt arrives to Budapest on 17th February. This is currently one of the world's biggest events in the toughest segment of techno.

Techno is far an underground phenomenon today. One striking example is Verknipt, which has grown into one of the most popular event series of the genre. While there is a heated debate about what techno means in 2024, it is indisputable that its most popular trend is also conquering Hungary.

Initially interested in house, tech-house, and techno, Verknipt has fully embraced the so-called "hard techno" direction since 2022, essentially dominating the tougher segments of electronic music. As a result, they have already toured half the world, from Italy to Spain and to Colombia - and now they are expanding this list with Hungary. Wwe spoke with the organizers about their new choice of venue.

Regarding why they chose Budapest, they stated that they receive numerous requests from their fans from all over the world, and Hungary was no exception. „The Budapest Verknipt is actually already considered a success, as we have received messages from many Hungarian residents from the Netherlands saying that they will come back to their hometown for this party to experience what Verknipt has to offer in Budapest."

Photo: Verknipt


They wrote about the organization's background: "Verknipt is not just a regular music event but also a high-quality production with a unique style that sets it apart from other techno events. Our goal is to provide the highest quality experience at every event, pushing boundaries in lighting, lasers, LED screens, and hospitality. That's why we always collaborate closely with the best and most reliable local partners we can find, and this is also the case in Hungary."

Regarding the lineup, they tried to find a balance between internationally established performers and emerging local artists, and they believe the result is successful. This is also evident in ticket sales, as they claim that they could reach sold-out status on any day.